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Need for eAWB ? SmartAWB is here !
e as for easy: that is our promise. Using the power of the cloud, issuing your IATA AWB's is now easier than anything.
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SmartAWB: Cloud software for issuing and printing your IATA paper and eAWB

Start issuing your AWB’s right now with your favorite browser.

Cloud technology. No installation needed.
Just open your browser (IE/Safari/Chrome/Firefox) and start printing IATA approved Master Air Way Bills, House and Manifest.

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SmartAWB is designed also for people on the move. You can submit an eAWB electronically with your tablet: to over 60 airlines.

With our SmartAWB package, people on the move such as handling personnel or drivers can issue an eAWB instantly with a tablet.
No more expensive handling bills for export documentation at the airport.

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Save big

Save 30% on the cost of your old AWB prints. Save 95% when submitting electronically your AWB’s.

Print at A4 on your laser

There is no more need for expensive pre-printed AWB sets with copies. Now you can print directly on your color or mono laser printer on plain A4 paper. The full set. And submit electronically!

Our support team

The SmartAWB interface is easy as it gets. But even at times you might need help, every page has a Feeback/Help button where you can ask our export team whatever troubles you.

Tracking and Stats

With SmartAWB once you submit electronically a shipment, you can track it and see live update messages from the airline directly and get notified by emails. Detailed stats for your shipments, ontime, delayed, etc.

What is eAWB and why do I need it?

The AWB (Air Waybill) is the most important transportation document in Air Cargo. So with all things moving to paperless and electronic, same thing applies for the AWB. Over 20 major carriers are adopting the eAWB as the preferred documentation method for shipping air freight, freight forwarders will have to follow. CATHAY Pacific (CX) states: “100% e-AWB at all CX / KA stations by the end of 2017”. Is your business eAWB ready?

How much do your services cost?

The answer is clear: much cheaper to what you have been paying up to date for issuing your AWB’s. If your Origin Station/Airport supports eAWB messasing, we strongly recommend the SmartAWB package (see Pricing page).
For countries where eAWB is not yet supported we strongly recommend enrolling to our AWB GENERATOR service. It is competively priced for printing your Air Freight documents, labels and manifest. Plus it is futureproof: once your station is ready, you can immediately upgrade to eAWB messasing.

What are the benefits of SmartAWB?

Save money: Avoid Carrier fees by transmitting data electronically.

Save time: no need for handing paper documents anymore to airline handlers.

Access to Track & Trace: our airline partners will send you emails for everytime your cargo is moved. You can program SmartAWB to forward automatically these emails to your clients and keep them happy.